What Are Examples of Open Ended Sales Questions?


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"What additional resources do you need to reach your current profit goals?" is an open-ended sales question. The goal of an open-ended sales question is to invite a prospect to share a limitless amount of information that is useful in allowing the seller to better understand his situation.

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"What are some of your primary concerns right now?" is an example of an open-ended question a seller might ask early to establish rapport with the prospect. The goal is to make the prospect comfortable and to give him a chance to share genuine feelings about his current situation.

Some effective open-ended sales questions are relatively short, such as, "What are your goals?" In this example, the seller wants to identify the goals or motives of the prospect. A thorough answer to this question allows a seller to identify whether his solutions align well with the goals.

"Tell me how you could use this type of solution in your business?" is a more targeted open-ended question. The seller wants a prospect to offer insights into how the company's solution could help solve a business problem. In essence, a strong answer means a prospect is selling the solution to himself. Another targeted example is, "What are the key benefits of our this solution that you would use in your business?"

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