What Are Some Examples of Nursing Goals?


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Examples of nursing goals include ensuring patients receive fast and quality care, helping patients and their families understand medications and medical procedures, and encouraging safety in hospital and clinical settings, according to Bronwyn Timmons for GlobalPost. Other important nursing goals are to pursue further education and stay updated with the latest medical knowledge.

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What Are Some Examples of Nursing Goals?
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To achieve the goal of providing quality care, nurses perform routine tasks, such as checking the vital signs of patients and providing essential information to doctors about patients' medical histories, states Timmons. They also help doctors to perform medical tests and procedures.

Nurses generally aim to educate patients and families by explaining diagnoses, postoperative instructions and possible side effects of certain medicines, explains Timmons. They respond to concerns or queries of patients and often participate in community services. Many nurses conduct workshops or seminars to educate the general public regarding health-related topics.

To maintain a safe medical setting, nurses ensure the environment is clean and sterile, monitor the surroundings and promptly address potential health hazards, such as obstructed hallways and spills, notes Timmons. They adhere to safety guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading diseases. Educational goals of nurses include attending continuing education courses at colleges or universities and participating in professional workshops or seminars. Moreover, nurses join the American Nurses Association and other similar organizations to access special learning opportunities.

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