What Are Some Examples of New Employee Forms and Documents?

What Are Some Examples of New Employee Forms and Documents?

Forms and documents that new employees fill include IRS Form I-9, employee's withholding allowance certificate and the employee’s personal information form. Some of these documents meet federal and state requirements, while others are employer-generated.

Form I-9’s purpose is to determine an employee’s identity and his eligibility to work in the United States. The employee fills it within three business days of hire, and then the employer keeps it in his custody.

An employee fills out an employee's withholding allowance certificate with his basic payroll tax information to enable the employer to know the exemptions he is claiming for tax purposes. The employee revises it each year if there are any changes in the tax exemptions.

An employee may also fill out a new hire reporting form providing basic identifying information about himself, which the state government can use to determine whether he owes any child support.

If an employer offers benefits, a new employee may fill in a benefit enrollment form. He provides information about the selected plan and his beneficiaries.

Many employers generate routine forms such as those requesting for an employee’s emergency contact, banking information and information about the vehicle he intends to park in the company lot. Other employers ask new employees to sign forms that affect their legal rights, such as a nondisclosure agreement in which an employee promises not to reveal the company's confidential information