What Are Some Examples of Moral Issues Affecting Healthcare?

There are a number of moral issues within the healthcare system, such as allocation of taxpayer money and funding for procedures deemed controversial, such as abortion and in-vitro fertilization. Moral and ethical concerns infiltrate virtually every sector of the healthcare industry. Moral quandaries arise at the beginning of human life, surrounding contraception and terminating pregnancies, and impact decisions for end-of-life care.

In addition to raising questions about specific issues, moral dilemmas in the healthcare sector include broader concerns, such as whether or not all citizens can and should have equal access to healthcare, and who ultimately pays the medical fees for individuals who cannot afford to pay their own bills.

Additionally, aside from direct medical treatments, there are other moral issues surrounding the broader area of science and research. Biomedical research performed on embryonic stem cells, for instance, is one area of division among many Americans.

Other issues that raise moral questions are controversial experiments in cloning living organisms, including humans, and genetic engineering and modification of human food sources, primarily crops.

Many Americans also disagree about the extent to which practitioners should provide end-of-life care to elderly patients and those people with terminal illnesses, who ultimately face death in a short period of time. Similarly, physician-assisted suicide raises moral concerns.