What Are Some Examples and Meanings of Safety Slogans?


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One example safety slogan is "If you think your job is hard now, try doing it without hands," as published on SafetySlogans.org. Its meaning refers to the potential risk entailed in many industrial jobs involving dangerous machines; those who are not careful when using them can easily lose their hands.

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"When the sun is glowing and frying your head, find some shade and water instead," published on SafetyRisk.net, cautions readers that they are more safe putting their work aside and keeping hydrated when it is particularly hot outdoors. This safety slogan calls attention to the hazards of heat stroke, which can be a life-threatening matter. Direct exposure to the heat of the sun without shade and inadequate intake of fluids are among the leading causes of heat stroke, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

"Hand-in-glove isn't just a song by the Smiths," published on SafetySlogans.org is a safety slogan that makes reference to popular music while simultaneously calling attention to the importance of wearing gloves.

"Use your mind and your back will thank you," reprinted on SafetySlogans.org, calls attention to the hazards of lifting large objects incorrectly. Not bending at the knees when lifting heavy objects is a significant workplace hazard, according the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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