What Are a Few Examples of Management Goals?


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Some examples of management goals are increase company visibility, raise profitability, upgrade equipment, streamline work processes, and crosstrain employees. Management goals provide focus on the steps needed for everyone in the company to work cooperatively and push the company to succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

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What Are a Few Examples of Management Goals?
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A business needs customers to survive and expand. Increasing company visibility might involve approaching previously untapped consumers as well as establishing positive relationships with media at the local, regional and national levels, which can boost a company's profile and brand-awareness among customers. Increasing profitability can have short-term goals, such as beating previous monthly sales figures, and long-term goals that have longer timelines of a year or more, such as doubling profit in three years.

Employees depend on their equipment, tools and materials to produce quality work. For example, regular evaluation of a company's hardware, software and communications facilities helps ensure that job performance and operational efficiency stay at a maximum. Ergonomics also impacts the health and safety of employees and prevents workplace injuries.

Employee feedback provides valuable information on how work-flow processes can be streamlined. Listening to their suggestions also boosts employee morale because it makes them feel valued and involved. Crosstraining employees to be able to do tasks outside their normal scope of work keeps operations smooth in times of sudden absences, sickness or vacation.

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