What Are Some Examples of Livestock Market Reports?

The United States Department of Agriculture has livestock market reports on its website. To view the report, site users can choose the desired type of livestock and specific auction. The USDA reports on goat, cattle, chickens, sheep and swine markets.

The Cattle Range has cattle market reports on its website. The site's home page provides a ticker with current market information. Users can aslo choose to view specific reports in .pdf format, including reports on feeder, stocker and slaughter cattle. Site visitors can also find information on the cattle market outlook, Canadian reports and hay markets.

The website for Lewistown Livestock Auction in Lewistown, Montana, shows livestock reports from its sales. The reports have four categories for cattle, including feeder steers, feeder heifers, cows and bulls. Subcategories for cows include young feeding and breeding, utility and commercial, cutter and canner. Subcategories for bulls include slaughter and feeder. The report categorizes feeder steers and heifers by weight, and shows the minimum and maximum price for animals in each category.

The Poultry Site has poultry and egg market reports from around the world on its website, including from Canada, China, United Kingdom and Australia. Users can view reports on poultry and egg prices, statistics, farming income and poultry industry outlook, among others.