What Are Some Examples of Letters Offering Employment?


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A letter offering employment includes a direct statement that the company is offering a specific position to the recipient, and includes the title of the job and the starting salary or rate of payment. It also outlines the date on which the job begins, the initial tasks and responsibilities of the role and any other benefits details or matters in negotiation.

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When an applicant passes a job interview, the company typically extends an offer letter as an official written document containing the specific details of employment. The letter may appear on company letterhead or exist as an email sent from an official company email address. A hiring manager typically drafts the letter, including their name, position and contact information in the header or footer, along with the date on which the offer period begins. The letter addresses the applicant directly by name and begins with a statement of its purpose, which includes the title and opening pay for the job.

The letter typically includes details about the initial goals for the job, which can include tasks such as hiring new employees to fill a department, beginning work on a project or joining a team working on an existing matter. Some letters also explain additional requirements for the job, such as long-term plans or growth opportunities. It can also list the other benefits of the position, the location of the job and the date by which the applicant must accept the offer.

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