What Are Some Examples of the Investment Products Gabelli Funds Provides?

What Are Some Examples of the Investment Products Gabelli Funds Provides?

Gabelli Funds offers mutual funds with investments in both local and international markets, explains the broker's website. In addition, the company deals in closed-end funds that invest in equities, convertible securities and other instruments.

Gabelli Funds splits its offerings into several categories, with some further divided into a number of sub-categories, according to the company's website. The value category, for instance, consists of funds that include the Gabelli Asset Fund, the Gabelli Value 25 Fund, the Gabelli Small Cap Growth Fund, the Gabelli Dividend Growth Fund and the Gabelli Equity Income Fund.

The growth category includes the GAMCO International Growth Fund, the GAMCO Global Growth Fund, the GAMCO Global Opportunity Fund and the GAMCO Growth Fund. The money-market category, however, consists of a single fund, the Gabelli U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund, while the Gold Equity has only the Gabelli Gold Fund, as of 2015.

Each fund has a distinct investment objective, explains Gabelli Funds. For instance, the Gabelli Equity Income Fund invests in income-generating equity securities, while the Gabelli Utilities Fund exclusively focuses on securities issued by utility companies.

Gabelli advises investors to consider their risk profiles and investment objectives before investing in these or other funds offered by the company. In addition, during the consideration process, investors should incorporate the fees, charges and other expenses associated with investing in these funds into their calculations.