What Are Examples of Interview Questions and Answers?

Most companies interviewing for job positions tend to ask very similar questions. Besides asking a candidate about qualifications on their resume, they may ask questions about strengths and weaknesses and why the candidate wants to work at the company.

One of the most common questions asked is why the person wants to work for the company or why they are interested in the position being offered. This question is usually asked to assess how much the candidate knows about the company and the job.

Another common line of questioning is the one about strengths and weaknesses. Typically the interviewer asks the candidate what they think they consider to be their greatest strength and greatest weakness. The strength answer is an opportunity for the candidate to talk about characteristics they bring to the job, while the weakness answer is designed to get the candidate to reveal something about themselves. It is usually advisable for the candidate to discuss a weakness unrelated to the job or turn it around in a positive manner, such as saying that they have perfectionist tendencies.

Similar to the weakness question, companies often like to ask the candidate to talk about their previous employer. This is designed to see if the candidate speaks negatively about a company after leaving. The usual advice is to avoid saying negative things and instead discuss positive skills learned at the previous company.