What Are Some Examples of Inquiries and Reply Letters?

There are many general templates for reply letters to inquiries depending on the nature of the inquiries and the party answering them; these templates can be found at websites such as SampleLettersWorld, Letters and Templates and iSampleLetter. These templates provide writers and correspondence managers with the correct formatting of names and addresses as well as with general advice as to wording and structure.

SampleLettersWorld presents a simple piece of business correspondence that thanks inquirers for their interest and their inquiry, provides them with information relevant to said inquiry and then goes on to provide further contact information in the event that inquirers wish to continue relations with the entity they have contacted.

Letters and Templates has a simpler template that is fleshed out in subsequent expanded iterations. These templates offer various ways to reply to an inquiry, depending on the complexity and depth of the inquiry itself. Tailoring the response to the question allows the writer to conserve time and remain on the inquirer's level.

iSampleLetter features a form for corporate replies to inquiries based around catalog requests and other purchasing exchanges. The letter takes a neat, concise format and answers questions directly while discussing relevant information about purchases and catalog options.