What Are Examples of Indirect Marketing?

examples-indirect-marketing Credit: Patti McConville/The Image Bank/Getty Images

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, examples of indirect marketing include: coupon mailings, trade shows, public relations, blogging, participating in workshops, free e-books and posting on social media. Marty Shindler of The Shindler Perspective, Inc asserts that indirect marketing strategies can be nebulous, but their main objective is to portray the image of a well-run company. These factors include how visitors are received and phone calls handled.

There are many disadvantages associated with indirect marketing, such as the lack of attention by users of social media who usually do not want to buy anything. This scenario may lead to the content marketing on social media not achieving its objective. The costs associated with indirect marketing are quite high and may be prohibitive especially to small businesses. These costs include website hosting costs for content marketing, which might not generate the anticipated number of clients in future.

Indirect marketing is crucial to an organizations long-term success and requires a level of skill that the business owner may not posses, such as search engine optimization skills to increase website visibility online. A business owner may be forced to hire a skilled professional for such kind of tasks. Indirect marketing is also quite sluggish as compared to direct marketing.