What Are Some Examples of Human Resources Forms?

What Are Some Examples of Human Resources Forms?

The employment eligibility verification Form I-9, the W-4 and the W-2 are common examples of human resources forms. Depending upon the company, its human resources department may also have name change forms, special state employee withholding forms and a direct deposit form

Employers use Form I-9 to verify an employee's identity and his eligibility to work in the United States. The human resources department records which forms of identification and supportive documents the employee possesses on the Form I-9 and typically makes photocopies of them as well.

Form W-4 enables employees to declare withholding exemptions, which potentially affects the amount of an employee's wages that are subject to withholding. The mailing address enclosed on Form W-4 is typically where the company mails the employee's W-2.

Employers use Form W-2 to report an employee's wage and salary information. A W-2 also indicates how much an employee paid in state and federal taxes. Some states have a similar form to the Form W-4 that lets employees designate withholding exemptions at the state level.

Name change forms enable an employee who has legally changed her name to update all of her documentation on file so it reflects her new name. Direct deposit forms provide employees the option of going paperless. The employee's signature and a voided check or a related account number and routing number are usually sufficient to set up direct deposit.

Other less common human resources forms include tuition reimbursement forms, job description forms, applications to take a leave of absence and employee performance review forms.