What Are Some Examples of HR Volunteer Work?

Examples of human resources volunteer work include coordinating the enrollment and training of other volunteers at a charity or similar organization, aiding in benefits management for veterans at a hospital or coordinating activities and programs for a community center. Other human resources volunteer work may involve serving on a board or committee for an organization centered on the industry and job standards of the field.

Human resources jobs typically center around managing and overseeing the integration of employees into a company through areas such as enrolling in benefits plans, filling out the appropriate legal paperwork, proving ability to work and maintaining compliance with company policies. As such, many nonprofit and charitable organizations offer volunteer work that involves performing these tasks for its other volunteers and members. For example, a local animal charity may offer human resources volunteer work that involves coordinating new member training programs or connecting existing members with educational information about animal safety laws.

As human resources jobs also focus on policy creation and management, some organizations may enroll volunteers in reviewing and establishing organizational guidelines. This may include creating a policy for interviewing new volunteers, evaluating the effectiveness of different campaigns or reviewing partnerships with local governments to determine the needs of the organization. Some regions may also contain separate organizations that focus on human resources training and standards, which in turn would offer volunteer positions to interested parties.