What Are Some Examples of a Hospital Organizational Chart?


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The exact nature of a hospital organizational chart may vary depending on the site of the entity and the services it offers, though it is likely to include a board of directors at the top and a series of department heads beneath them. Below each department head is a series of other positions equivalent to managers and employees, often broken down by responsibilities.

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An organizational chart for a hospital functions like a chart for any other business in that it clearly outlines the chain of command for each member of the hospital, starting with the board of directors. Some hospitals may have a chief executive officer or similar single leadership position beneath the board, though there may be multiple roles within this level, depending on the nature of the facility. The department heads typically appear under the executive staff, focusing on areas such as surgery, nursing, medicine or select specialities if the hospital offers them.

Each department has a final section that outlines the different major positions that comprise the bulk of the hospital's workforce, such as physicians, lab technicians, security personnel and human resources agents. These sections typically rank positions according to seniority, though some may simply list them as equal roles. Most hospitals have other departments and positions that exist outside of this direct structure, such as marketing departments or legal divisions, which typically report directly to the board or an executive member.

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