What Are Some Examples of Great Resumes?


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A great resume contains information that is relevant to the position for which the applicant is seeking. The resume includes a summary of the applicant's skills, a list of references, the applicant's work history, the career objective of the applicant and any relevant training the applicant has.

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Information that does not appeal to potential employers includes personal interests, accomplishments of the applicant and languages the applicant speaks, unless the job calls for individuals who are bilingual.

There are certain power keywords that make a great resume, including the words development, skill, professional, knowledge and leadership, according to ZipRecruiter. Words that applicants should avoid using on a resume include first, hard, chance, develop and time. The applicant's strongest points and achievements are at the top of the resume. A great resume is between 600 and 700 words in length.

A great resume gives the company an idea of what the applicant can do for the company once hired. The resume focuses on why the company benefits from the applicant working for it, not what the applicant gains by working for that company. The resume must be proofread, error-free, and the font should be appealing to the eye, not difficult to read.

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