What Are Some Examples of Good Safety Policies?


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Examples of good safety polices include concepts about the safety of employees and the public, that safety takes priority over shortcuts, and that the business intends to comply with all laws and procedures regarding safety, Texas A&M University notes. A good safety policy allows employees know that the business management considers safety a high priority, allowing employees to be mindful when it comes to safety. The policy should also include disciplinary actions if an employee violates the policy.

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Health and safety procedures in the workplace are necessary to help protect employees and employers from certain hazards, such as poisonous chemicals and disease, the Houston Chronicle explains. The guidelines established are meant to enhance workplace productivity, and also to prevent workplace violence.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces health and safety in the workplace to help ensure that employers provide a safe work environment, notes the Houston Chronicle. The organization also handles complaints regarding safety violations that compromise the employees safety. OSHA implements guidelines on how businesses can deal with certain hazards.

Some companies have health and safety programs that help maximize safety, explains the Houston Chronicle. The Safety Pays program helps employers know the cost involved when workplace injuries occur, which helps entice employers in creating safety guidelines when they see the cost that comes from a lack of a safe workplace environment.

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