What Are Some Examples of Good Company Names?

Some good company names are BloomThink, Warby Parker, Kingdom Ridge Capital and Dryven, according to Inc. Dryven is a good name because it describes the company's software product. Also, it has personal meaning to the owner because it is a combination of her three grandsons' names.

The name Warby Parker is a combination of two characters from a Jack Kerouac journal. The eyewear company's founder chose this name because it enhanced the company's brand image and created word-of-mouth attention. BloomThink, the name of a social media firm, came from a long list of words in a brainstorming session. This name is effective in social media because it is both easy to pronounce and easy to type on screen. The name Kingdom Ridge Capital has worked for the company because the CEO likes the sound of it and Kingdom Ridge is the name of the street he lives on.

According to Forbes, a good company name instantly conveys how the customer should feel when using the product or service. An effective company name should not merely describe the products and services, but it should also stimulate the customer's imagination. It is often necessary to discard hundreds of names before deciding on the right one.