What Are Some Examples of Giving Someone a Helping Hand?


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Examples of giving someone a helping hand through corporate philanthropy include instituting a donation matching program, sponsoring local charities, creating mentoring programs, and donating products or services to nonprofits. The general concept involves using the means and resources of the company to help others in need, either through direct actions or supporting organizations that perform such tasks.

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One example of helping others through corporate philanthropy is a donation-matching program that allows employees to make personal contributions to a charity or relief fund so that the company may donate the same amount as well. In some cases, the company may open the matching program to the general public, offering to donate the total amount of donations made to a specific organization during a given period of time.

Some companies also help local community members through sponsorship, which can include paying for the equipment costs of a youth sports team or buying classroom supplies for an elementary school. The company can also offer individual sponsorships, such as paying for a student to participate in an event or sponsoring employees at a charity run.

The company can create a mentoring program to allow community members to work with its employees or leadership team to learn about business in general or its specific industry. Similarly, some companies may donate their products or knowledge or offer their services for free to a local group, as when a clothing manufacturer gives its items to a homeless shelter.

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