What Are Some Examples of Famous Products That Failed in India?

Apple products such as the iPhone and Kellogg's cereals are two products that failed in India. Both of these companies are extremely popular throughout the western world, but both companies saw huge failures when they introduced their products to the Indian market.

When iPhones were launched in India, they were not as compatible with Indian telecommunications companies and previous technologies in India. Most cell phone in India had previously been "unlocked" and were able to be used on any carrier. iPhones, however, were locked and only had specific carriers. The Indian consumers were used to unlocked phones and did not think the iPhone was practical.

Another issue with the iPhone in India was the price. The original launching price of the iPhone was the same in India as it was in the United States, but Indian consumers negotiate price differently than American consumers. Many products in India are much cheaper than in the United States, so Indian consumers thought the iPhone was far too expensive in comparison to their other technologies.

Kellogg's failed to take into account cultural differences when they attempted to introduce their cereals to India. In India, milk is most often boiled and served hot. When Indian consumers added their warm milk to Kellogg's cereals, the cereal became soggy and undesirable very quickly.