How Are Examples of Evaluation Work Selected?


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Examples of evaluation work are selected based upon each piece's ability to demonstrate skills, highlight mastery and display achievements. The goal is to include the best and most interesting pieces that accent specific areas of competency and encompass the skill set necessary to the evaluator.

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Any example of proprietary work is labeled as such, names the owner and includes a statement that permission has been obtained to include it. In addition to evaluation examples, a good portfolio includes a resume, professional references and letters of recommendation. Statements of work philosophy, originality and confidentiality are necessary as well. Copies of documents related to diplomas, degrees and certifications are important components of a portfolio, as is documentation relating to awards, special recognitions and professional organization memberships.

The creation of a portfolio not only compiles a package of materials for evaluation; it emphasizes organization and communication skills to the evaluator. It also prepares the presenter for the evaluation, bolsters confidence and refreshes each example in the mind of the presenter. A portfolio is not a static presentation device. Selecting evaluation work for a specific audience keeps the focus relevant to the evaluator's goals. The same focusing process can be applied to the resume version and selection of letters of recommendation.

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