What Are Some Examples of Engineering Careers?


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Depending on the particular focus of one's engineering degree or experience, engineering career options can range from transportation, health care, aerospace, environmentally-friendly design and many other fields. Those with degrees in engineering have gone on to become petroleum engineers, computer engineers, biomedical engineers and mechanical engineers.

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Mechanical engineers can serve as either contractors or consultants for a wide range of tasks, including operating and maintaining the equipment used in automobile manufacturing, mining and petroleum extraction. Mechanical engineers can also work on design and implementation, as well as other jobs that are not as immediately connected to their specific degrees. Engineers may work with patents, especially those that are connected to machinery or other similar equipment. They may also pursue IT jobs, and those who are especially business-savvy may use their engineering knowledge in the fields of finance or business.

A growing focus on environmentally sound solutions for the commercial and industrial realms provides another option for job-seeking engineers. Some of the tasks available for these individuals include designing green buildings and structures, aiding in the development of alternate energy solutions using solar and other natural sources and aiding other countries or regions with developing such necessary subsistence support as good water systems.

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