What Are Some Examples of an Employment Reference Letter?


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Examples of an employment reference letter includes praise of an individual's personality, his work experience and educational background. The letter should outline the reasons why the applicant would be a great addition to the company or position he's applying for. Generally, people with higher positions or noteworthy standing hold the power to persuade hiring staff and managers.

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A reference letter should refer to the applicant's academic achievements and professional skills, focusing on the traits that are relevant to the position for which he's applying. A current employer may outline the applicant's attention to detail or hard work ethic. The letter should describe the applicant's virtues and back up those claims with compelling anecdotes. The writer should include a short summary on how well the applicant is suited for the position.

The letter writer should coordinate with the applicant to tailor the details of the letter so that it meets the requirements of the requester. Weaknesses and faults may be included in the letter, but that should be followed up with details on how the applicant has overcome those negative traits and turned them into positive skills. The letter should be free of grammar and spelling errors, as a poorly written letter may cause the applicant to lose the job opportunity.

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