What Are Some Examples of Employee Recognition Programs?

Some examples of employee recognition programs include years of service, production, certificates and the president's club. These programs help in lowering staff turnover, improving productivity and inspiring creativity in employees.

The years of service recognition program motivates employees in different ways. Long-serving employees who get the award feel honored by the way the organization appreciates their years of service in public. On the other hand, new employees who see the long-serving employees receive the award get inspired to remain with the organization. For additional motivation, the program can include a paid vacation or cash rewards.

A program based on employee productivity motivates employees to work hard. The program should target employees in all departments and can include cash rewards and promotions. If employees work hard, the business gets a steady stream of revenue.

Not all recognition programs should cost the organization money. Printed certificates signed by the management team do not cost the organization much, and they let the employees know that the management appreciates their effort.

The aim of the president's club is to recognize the best employee in every department. To reduce costs, the company can get vendors to sponsor the program. An example of the club's award is giving the winner an all-expense paid trip a destination of personal choice. The management can allow the winner to take one guest on the vacation.