What Are Examples of Employee Key Strengths?

Some examples of employee key strengths include good communication skills, computer literacy, management skills, interpersonal abilities, creativity and adaptability. Employers are likely to vet candidates with these strengths in mind during the job interview.

Employers usually look for candidates with the following key strengths before hiring:

  • Communication skills
  • A good employee is one who is able to clearly pass a message within the right period of time. Some good communication skills include the ability to articulate matters well and confidently.

  • Computer literacy
  • In the modern world, the use of computers is almost a must. This is why employers are likely to favor candidates that show an ability to use computers exceptionally well.

  • Management skills
  • This refers to the ability of an employee to handle a task assigned well and within the right time. It means when a project is entrusted to an employee, he or she does not require supervision to accomplish all that is required.

  • Interpersonal abilities
  • This is the ability for an employee to work well with others in a team. It refers to being helpful to team members and paying attention to others in order to achieve the required results.

  • Creativity
  • This refers to the ability of an employee to come up with innovative ideas that can help an organization achieve better results. It also means being able to solve problems even under immense pressure.

  • Adaptability
  • This is the ability for an employee to change his or her character or way of thinking in order to achieve required results. It means being able to make compromises and working with dynamic teams of people or situations.