What Are Some Examples of an Emergency Safety Plan?


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Emergency safety plans for a business may include designating one or more people to act as coordinators during a crisis, printing out emergency preparedness charts with various escape routes and running training drills to show employees how to leave the building. Emergency safety plans generally focus on how to quickly and safely exit the premises in various crisis scenarios.

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Many emergency safety plans include the designation of at least one individual to act as the coordinator during an event such as a fire or earthquake, ensuring that all employees properly exit the building in a timely manner. This person should know where to find the emergency exits in the office and how to use any special devices such as a fire extinguisher. All employees need to know who the safety coordinator is, so they may follow her instructions in the event of an emergency.

An emergency safety plan may also include evacuation charts around the office that highlight the location of all emergency exits and provide a brief description of what to do during a crisis. Depending on the nature of the business, it may be necessary to instruct employees to leave all computers or other work at their desks and immediately begin evacuation. Some plans also include instructions on dealing with specific incidents, such as chemical spills or floods.

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