What Are Some Examples of Duties That Typically Appear on a Manager's Job Description?

Job descriptions for managers typically include duties related to the planning and supervision of the daily operations in an organization. Specific duties vary considerably depending on the type of company, and may include hiring and training new staff and fiscal planning.

Managers are responsible for communicating the company’s goals for the employees they supervise and directing the work required to achieve those goals. They may also be responsible for overseeing the employee schedules and vacation days. Managers in sales related positions are often responsible for handling the ordering of merchandise and maintaining inventory levels while controlling spending to meet budgetary requirements. These managers also review company related data including employee reports to ensure that their department is meeting the necessary goals.

Many managers recruit new team members and actively facilitate the further professional development of their staff. Performance reviews and disciplinary action are frequently a duty assigned to managers.

Managers may also be required to create reports regarding the activities of their department. They spend a considerable amount of time communicating with managers from other departments, directors and senior staff, such as presidents and CEOS, and are involved in the planning and implementation of new business strategies. Managers may be required to develop and implement policies regarding proper procedures in the workplace and handle any concerns that employees have including conflict resolution.