What Are Examples of a Credit Instrument?

examples-credit-instrument Credit: Eric Audras/ONOKY/Getty Images

Examples of a credit instrument include any written evidence of a debt such as a promissory note, a bond or a loan, according to Cornell University Law School. USLegal.com explains that a credit instrument in the gaming industry is written evidence of a gaming debt owed to a person who has a non-restricted license at the time the debt is created.

A credit instrument can be as simple as a check written to someone's bank account or as complicated as a mortgage loan for a house. The key is that the debt owed to a person or an entity is in writing. OregonLaws.org reveals a line of credit instrument involves using a lien on real property to secure credit for a mortgage or a trust deed. The maximum amount of credit must be stated in the credit instrument, as well as the property used to secure the debt.

Fraud Aid states that a credit instrument is any financial payment order based upon someone's good credit at a bank. The Louisiana State Legislature defines a credit instrument as a note, certificate, bond, debenture, interest coupon, warrant, electronic fund transfer, money order, line of credit, investment contract or other written instrument known as a security. Anyone forging a credit instrument document in Louisiana can be fined and jailed.