What Examples Could You Give in a Job Interview That Would Illustrate Your Ability to Multi-Task?

An interviewee can illustrate his multi-tasking ability by describing past situations in which he had to manage his time and set priorities. Example situations include dealing with several customers simultaneously and rescheduling projects. The candidate must explain how he fit things into his schedule and completed all of his tasks successfully.

An example situation in which a person needs to multi-task is when he needs to entertain a walk-in customer while talking to another customer on the phone. An appropriate solution is to use body language to signal hello to the former and have him wait for a moment while putting the latter on hold. Responding to co-worker emergency requests while working on a personal project is another example of multi-tasking. In this case, explain to the interviewer which task was most important to complete first.

The goal of multi-tasking is to successfully carry out multiple tasks within a deadline. Solutions may vary in handling several responsibilities at once, so the multi-tasking person must examine the situation first. He must consider if the advantages of a particular solution outweigh its disadvantages. He uses his best call to proceed with the most appropriate solution.

By proving his ability to multi-task, the interviewee demonstrates his competence and commitment. He shows his capability to work under pressure and his flexibility in emergencies that force him to readjust his normal schedule.