What Are Some Examples of Confined-Space Entry Permits?


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Confined space entry permits can be drawn up in numerous ways. The information that does need to be present on any confined space entry permit includes but is not limited to a description of the site, date of entry, purpose of the entry, supervisor on duty, emergency procedures.

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A permit is required for a confined space that is a space that limits the activities of an employee who is required to enter in, work in, and exit, that could pose health or safety hazards. Examples of a confined space include underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, or sewers and silos.

The confined space entry permit must include the names of the space to be entered, employees authorized to enter, and their supervisors. The permit needs to include any test results from testing done on the area, as well as the tester's initials and or signature. The name of the supervisor who oversees entry to the confined space, along with their signatures. The purpose for entering the confined space must be listed. Any known space hazards must be listed in detail on the permit as well. The safety measures that need to be taken to eliminate or control the hazards of the space. All names and numbers of rescue and emergency services.

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