What Are Some Examples of Communication Problems in the Workplace?

Language barriers, personal issues and lack of feedback are some of the most common communications issues in the workplace. Other issues, such as excessive use of e-mail and a lack of organization may also lead to issues in the workplace.

More than half of workers in a study of 1,000 respondents claim they rarely ever speak to their superiors about problems or ideas they may have, and another 15 percent claimed to have never spoken up at all. A lack of feedback and internal communications can not only eat away at employee satisfaction, but also lead to missed opportunities, as some of the best ideas might never make it to upper level management.

The pervasive use of email, especially when other channels of communication may be more effective, can have disastrous effects as well. Since email is a one-way method of communication, it often leaves important details misunderstood, creating confusion and problems in an otherwise normal situation. Written channels of communication also lack the capability of easing difficult messages through nonverbal cues, such as body language. Delivering bad news such as layoffs by email can be dangerously insensitive.

Inappropriate language, tone and racially biased comments are also frequently the culprits behind communications issues in the workplace.