What Are Some Examples of a Code of Conduct?

Examples of a code of conduct include the Kraft Code of Conduct, which covers the ways employees should act in the workplace, and the Verizon Code of Conduct, which explains how employees should act with integrity and report any violations of policies. In general, a code of conduct refers to a series of rules and requirements for employee behavior within a company, such as never denying a customer service due to race or avoiding certain language at the job site.

Many companies establish a code of conduct in order to demonstrate the ways in which employees need to act to present the best image of the company, with some also including specific steps and procedures for carrying out the individual tenants of the code. The document typically includes a section that addresses the ways in which employees should treat each other, which generally focuses on extending respect, understanding and support to each person. It can also outline specific behavior that is not acceptable, such as offensive jokes, comments about physical appearance or discussion of religious beliefs.

Some code of conduct documents also feature sections on the ideal work ethic for employees, such as ensuring the creation of quality products or speaking up to address any policies or activities that interfere with productivity or general work flow. If the employees deal directly with customers or consumers, the code may also outline methods of conduct for interactions, such as acting courteously and kindly regardless of the situation.