What Are Some Examples of Certificates of Appreciation?

A certificate of appreciation is a type of award that recognizes the actions or achievements of a person or group of people, typically in relation to a specific job or organization. The awards may cover areas such as a period of service to a community group, making a large donation to a charity, landing an important client for a company or retirement from a position.

Many certificates of appreciation feature a simple amount of text that begins with either the name of the award or a general statement about appreciation or gratefulness. The main body of the certificate outlines the reason for its existence, such as to offer an official message of gratitude to a person on behalf of an organization. This section frequently mentions some details regarding the recipient's actions, such as working at a fire house for 50 years or serving over 1,000 meals at a homeless shelter. It concludes with the name of the recipient and the signature of the person issuing the award.

These certificates are often part of a ceremony to honor the recipient, which may include a short speech further explaining what the person did and why it matters to the issuing organization. Many charities and nonprofits issue these awards to volunteers to commemorate their generosity, though it is also common in business settings to show employees that the company values their service and hard work.