What Are Some Examples of Caretaker Jobs?

What Are Some Examples of Caretaker Jobs?

Some examples of caretaker jobs are apartment building superintendent, groundskeeper, church caretaker and construction site caretaker. In each case, the caretaker is responsible for the security and maintenance of the building and grounds.

An apartment building superintendent oversees the daily operations of the building. Besides picking up trash and keeping the building in good repair, he may show prospective tenants around the building, accept package deliveries and respond to tenant complaints.

A groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining the lawn, garden, shrubs and trees on an estate, a botanical garden, a park or other outdoor area. He may open the area to the public and close it up again after visiting hours.

The church caretaker cleans and maintains the church and its grounds. Handyman duties include fixing lights and plumbing and putting up seasonal decorations. He may unlock the church doors for its open hours and lock them up again when the church is closed.

A construction site caretaker cleans buildings inside and out once they are built. He also removes debris from the site during construction. He may manage tools and supplies in use on the site, and he secures the construction site at the end of the workday.