What Are Some Examples of Career Objectives for a Public Administration Position?

Examples of career objectives for a public administration position may include serving a specific community, achieving fiscal responsibility within the department or advancing to a position that allows the person to accomplish a specific task related to the sector. Some career objectives may also focus on specific projects relevant to the role.

A career objective is an aspect of a resume or job application that highlights the needs and desires of the applicant for her ideal employment status. Career objectives for a career in public administration may focus on simply naming the general type of job she wants, such as an entry level position in her local government or a managerial role relating to public heath. Many job applicants seek to differentiate themselves by creating more detailed objectives that speak to their specific career goals and personalities, often reflecting the positive nature of public administration as it affects the members of a community.

Some objectives may highlight the community to which the applicant belongs, such as a specific neighborhood in a city or an ethnic group. Another possible career objective might focus on achieving a specific type of change within the public sector, such as reducing corruption or addressing the needs of an underrepresented group. Similarly, the applicant might write an objective that focuses on completing a specific task.