What Are Some Examples of Businesses That Have Catchy Names?


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Earth Squad, Raw Jungle and Greek Camp are examples of small business with catchy names. Good Earth, Amazon, Cover Girl and Victoria's Secret are large, well-known companies with catchy names.

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What Are Some Examples of Businesses That Have Catchy Names?
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Catchy names for companies should be short, memorable and unique. For instance, Why Wash? is the name of a cleaning service that catches potential customers' interest with its name.

Catchy names should also contain satisfying words that hook customers. The gum, Juicy Fruit, is an example of this. The word juicy is a satisfying adjective that hooks customers.

According to IncomeTrue.com, catchy names should also be vague or neutral to pique customers' interest. Examples of vague catchy names include Cherry Glaze, Cracker Jack and Victoria's Secret. While Cracker Jack and Victoria's Secret are both well-known businesses now, their names do no exactly give away what the product is, only its nature.

Truly catchy names also sound good as domain names, according to Brandings.com. EZRemove.com, CartFrenzy.com and JungleBites.com are examples of business names that also sound catchy when the "dot-com" is added for the domain name.

Catchy business names often play on words related to the goods or service. For example, Merry Maids is a cleaning service. The name plays on the idea of happy girls conveyed by the name. Other cleaning business examples include Diamond Shine, Peachy Clean and Clean Break.

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