What Are Some Examples of Business Letterheads?


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Examples of business letterhead organizing styles are the standard letterhead, the specialized letterhead, the custom letterhead and the executive letterhead, according to eHow. BrightHub.com divides business letterhead organizing styles into block format, modified block and semi-block. Business letterheads come in a great variety of graphic designs but only in a handful of organizing styles. Examples of creative design solutions for letterheads are often available on websites of stationery printers, design blogs or repositories of free letterhead templates.

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Beautifully designed business letterheads help companies make a good first impression on customers and convey a unified brand identity, states design website UCreative. UCreative features about 83 logo designs that can be used as inspiration sources.

The formatting of the letterhead varies with the purpose of the letter. The standard letterhead should be used for a large, general audience and include the name and address of the company as well as its logo or watermark. The specialized letterhead, targeting a narrower category of customers or partners, must also include the name of the sending department. A custom letterhead is used by a specific person for internal communications and includes the sender's name and position. The executive letterhead is used by senior management, often for communicating personnel decisions. It is similar to the custom letterhead, but the sender's name and title may be highlighted.

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