What Are Some Examples of Accomplishments for a Resume?


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Accomplishments to add to a resume can include any instance an employee added something of measurable value to his employer. Other examples include promotions, commendations and recognition for specific tasks.

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Accomplishments to list can include times the employee met a goal that affected his company, such as a floor manager implementing a training system that improved employee productivity and increased sales. A resume can also list bonuses, promotions or any other type of recognition that an employee received that was tied to specific achievements. If customers or clients officially recognize an employee, that is an accomplishment worth mentioning on a resume, as well.

Another example of an accomplishment that is appropriate for a resume is any time an employee was either in charge of or involved in a special project, committee or task force that completed an important company goal or made an impact within a community. Any time the employee changed the way a task in the company was performed, it can be used on a resume. For example, if an employee created an efficient filing system, whether physically or digitally or both, he can include a short statement about this in the accomplishments section of his resume.

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