What Are Some Examples of an Accomplishment Statement?


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Examples of an accomplishment statement include someone writing that they organized and conducted the monthly meetings for over 40 tour guides or that someone both scheduled and planned a dozen meetings per month. The exact accomplishments to include on a resume depends on both the experience of the prospective employee and the requirements of the new employer.

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Before writing an accomplishment statement, individuals should measure what accomplishments they are most proud of and whether the accomplishments were measured through any tangible methods. Specific accomplishments to highlight include ones that showcase an individual taking initiative and accomplishing a task that greatly benefited the organization he worked for. Choosing the strongest accomplishments that are most relevant to the new position helps the applicant stand out among other potential job seekers.

One way for applicants to create accomplishment statements is to follow the STAR method. This acronym encourages applicants to highlight the situation or task they were involved in, describe the specific action they took, and describe the specific result of the action. Such statements require action verbs demonstrating specific actions taken, the scope of this specific incident, and the measurable outcomes of the employee's contributions.

Stylistically, the individual formats accomplishments as bullets and indents the accomplishments that are part of the accomplishment directly above it. Accomplishments should be placed beneath the "experience" section on resumes to provide concrete examples of qualifying experience.

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