What Are Some Example Templates for Surveys and Questionnaires?

What Are Some Example Templates for Surveys and Questionnaires?

Example templates for surveys and questionnaires include customer satisfaction surveys, medical history questionnaires, academic research surveys and employee performance questionnaires. These surveys may include sections that ask the taker to rate an item or person on a quantitative scale, report the degree to which she agrees or disagrees with a concept, or provide a free response to an open-ended question.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow business to determine how happy its customers are with a product or service, often sending these surveys to customers after an interaction with the customer service department. It is common for these surveys to ask the customer rate her experience with the agent, whether or not her issue was resolved, and what she thinks the company can do better in the future.

A medical history questionnaire includes a series of direct questions that gather information about the current health of a patient as well as the history of her past illnesses or operations. It may also ask if anyone in her family has genetic disease or if she is allergic to any medication.

An academic research survey also probes the taker for information with direct questions, though many allow for open responses. These surveys vary depending on the nature of the academic implementing them and are often used to create statistics about people or experiences.

Employee performance surveys frequently contain a mix of free response questions, which may ask for the employee to highlight her strengths and weaknesses, as well as choice-based questions, such as asking her if she agrees with statements about the employer.