What Is an Example of Self-Review?


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An example of a good self-review is one that highlights an employee's best accomplishments, the impact those accomplishments had on the company and the employee's value to the company. A good self-review is honest about ways the employee can improve in his role as well.

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What Is an Example of Self-Review?
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A self-review is a way for an employee to show he is in tune with the manager and the company goals. For example, if the company establishes a targeted number of sales and the employee is instrumental in reaching that goal, the self-review connects his achievement to the business objectives. Self-reviews are concise, allowing the accomplishments to stand out. Typically the manager knows the details already and has formed his own idea about the employee's performance.

When an employee describes areas in which he has to improve a self-review, he should use language that is not self-deprecating but uses constructive criticism and is objective. The employee can describe how he is going to move forward or improve. If a weakness is holding the employee back in some way, he may ask for help from his manager.

Self-reviews are a great chance to ask for advancement opportunities because they highlight why the employee is a valuable asset. They should be written in a professional manner and remain focused on the employee. Self-reviews should not criticize anyone else or complain about the company or its policies.

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