What Is an Example of a Receptionist Cover Letter?


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An example of a receptionist cover letter is one that describes how the applicant discovered the position, how much experience the applicant has and with whom, and the skills and attributes that make the applicant a good candidate for the receptionist position. The cover letter should also describe how an applicant's specific skills and abilities apply to the receptionist position.

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An effective receptionist cover letter should directly address a specific individual rather than a general position such as "hiring manager." The cover letter should contain an attention-grabbing introduction that makes the reader take notice and want to seriously consider the applicant for the receptionist position.

No matter how much experience a receptionist has, it's wise to refrain from packing the cover letter with too much information. Receptionist applicants should instead focus on the highlights of their careers and essential abilities that are vital to specific job opportunities. Applicants should also describe what they can do to help companies grow or operate more efficiently. An effective cover letter includes a call to action at the end that invites the reader to set up an interview or get in touch with the applicant for more information. Finally, the cover letter should close with the applicant thanking the reader for taking the time to read the letter.

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