What Are Some Example Police Courses a School Might Offer?

Sample police/law enforcement courses from the Community College of Aurora in Aurora, Colorado are Basic Police Academy I and II, Basic Law, Arrest Control Techniques, Law Enforcement Driving and Firearms. Gatson College campuses in North Carolina offer Basic Law Enforcement Training and several specialized law enforcement topic courses.

The Community College of Aurora's Basic Police Academy I and II courses provide entry-level training that follows Colorado P.O.S.T. standards and certification requirements. Basic Law includes both constitutional law and law enforcement procedures. Civil liability, searches and seizures, victim rights and testimony are among the general topics covered, and the course also looks at select Colorado laws.

Arrest Control Techniques gives trainees tips and practice in maintaining control over a suspect and the different uses of force. Law Enforcement Driving prepares students for high-speed chases, defensive driving and the proper use of law enforcement vehicle equipment. Firearms provides both in-class and practical instruction in firearm use, including having students practice target shooting.

Components of Gatson College's Basic Law Enforcement Training program include some of the same topics discussed above, in addition to physical training, ethics, report writing and crowd management. Sample topics in the school's certification program are radar operation, animal control and time-distance operation.