What Is an Example of a Letter Rescinding a Resignation?

Jasper White/The Image Bank/Getty Images

An example of a letter rescinding a resignation can be found at Career FAQs; the letter explains to the employer the change of heart in an employee who has decided he no longer wants to resign from his position. According to Reference.com, there are many reasons why an employee would want to rescind his resignation letter, the main reason being the falling through of a new opportunity.

A worker may have decided to leave a job in a hurry, reconsidering his decision at a later date. This situation is usually a tricky one for the worker and the business, and is full of obstacles. As such, the wording of the letter should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully to make the possible transition back to the job much easier. The letter should acknowledge that the worker’s actions have placed the company in a difficult situation and should apologize for this.

According to the Houston Chronicle, several steps should be followed when writing this type of letter. Firstly, the writer needs to type his address at the top left of the letter and type the date on the next line. Then he should type the name of the recipient and the company name and address. The first paragraph should reference the resignation letter, followed by an explanation for rescinding the resignation letter, and finally an apology for the situation.