What Is an Example of a Letter of Praise?

A letter of praise is a formal or informal communication wherein the writer expresses appreciation for the actions and efforts of another party, often in reference to a specific event. The letter may address a single person or a group and explain how the action in question positively affects the writer through language that conveys gratitude.

Businesses use letters of praise or appreciation in a variety of circumstances, such as a manager thanking an employee for multiple years of dedication to the company or an executive congratulating a peer on a project that affects the entire industry. In some cases, the letters may also come from customers or consumers thanking a business for one of its products or services. In all cases, these letters begin with a clear address that outlines the identity of the recipient, though it may take a general stance to address a group or multiple people.

The writer should begin by stating the purpose of the letter, offering a brief summary of the activity for which she is issuing praise. This introduction can also include a description of how the action benefits the writer in order to provide context and reasoning behind the praise. The body needs to outline the actions or activities of the recipient in detail, citing specific examples or personal experiences when possible. At the conclusion, the writer needs to reiterate her appreciation for the recipient and close with a final message of thanks.