What Is an Example of a Last Will and Testament?

An example of a last will and testament should include the name and address of the person making the will and sections for the distribution of assets and property after the death of an individual, Rocket Lawyer explains. The will also designates how the appointed individuals are to carry out the terms. If the individual making the will has any special bequests, there should be an area to outline those bequests.

An example for a last will and testament form should provide users with easy-to-follow formats to ensure property and assets are correctly distributed following death, Rocket Lawyer reports. A space for witness signatures and a clause of authenticity is needed. If children under the age of 18 are involved, a separate clause should be included that outlines the name and contact information of those appointed to obtain custody of the children. Those with minor children should also outline information regarding any trusts established on behalf of a child. The will should have an area for the appointment of an executor who handles the distribution of the estate.

States have their own laws regarding the legality of wills, so individuals should ensure their wills conform with the laws of their states, LawDepot advises.