What Is an Example of a Job Description for a Church Administrator?


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A job description of a church administrator depends on the type of administrator. The two types of church administrators include business administrators and church administrative assistant. While the former takes charge of church affairs related to business matters, the latter is in charge of the church's communications.

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Duties of the church business administrator, also known as church financial manager, include paying church workers, auditing and managing church funds, coordinating church repair and maintenance, and managing church projects. Becoming the church business administrator involves obtaining at least a bachelor's degree in relevant fields such as business administration, accounting or finance. During the program, aspiring business administrators learn about management, tax matters and communication, among other topics. Other than the educational requirements, the aspiring business administrator must possess essential job skills, such as proper communication, analytical thinking and the ability to pay attention to detail.

Duties of the church administrative assistant, on the other hand, include managing office files, answering calls and preparing church announcements, among other duties. Securing a position as the church administrative assistant involves obtaining at least a high school diploma or equivalent educational level, such as GED. While experience may not be necessary, it enhances employment chances since some churches may give job preference to administrative assistants with experience. Key skills for an administrative assistant position include typing skills, writing skills and good communication skills.

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