What Is an Example of an HR Performance Evaluation?

An HR performance evaluation should assess the work done by the employee in the previous period and set goals and targets for the next. Evaluations vary from post to post and between companies, but HR performance evaluation examples are available at several business websites, including Business Management Daily and BusinessBalls.com.

While the structure and content of HR performance evaluations vary greatly, some elements of good practice should be incorporated into all reviews. These include the maintenance of written logs of performance between reviews, to ensure accuracy and fairness, and keeping the focus of the review positive, whether by emphasizing positive behaviors or by presenting solutions rather than problems.

Appraisals should not be used to admonish staff or to address difficult behaviors for the first time. These issues should be addressed as required throughout the year, not saved for a scheduled appraisal. Little that is discussed at an appraisal should come as a surprise; rather, it is an opportunity to discuss what has been learned and ways that the employee can continue to improve and contribute to the business.

An important part of any appraisal is an honest assessment of what the manager can do to help the employee to achieve. Managers should be sure to emphasise this aspect to employees who are nervous about these meetings.