What Is an Example of a Good Letter to a City Council?


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One example of a good letter to a city council is on the HeartlandProclamation.org website. It features a letter urging the city council to add additional categories to Omaha's anti-discriminatory practices.

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Begin the letter by addressing the members of the city council and then describing why you are writing the letter. This includes a specific call to action that makes explicit what you wish the council would do. Follow this with a description of why you believe this action should be taken. For example, in the letter urging Omaha's city council to change its discrimination practices, the writer asserts that all people should be free from discrimination and that to do otherwise infringes on the fairness and equality that should be accorded to all citizens.

If necessary, follow the initial argument with why this issue affects you personally and how it may affect your voting in the future. If you are part of a larger institution such as a church and are authorized to speak on its behalf, use the next paragraph to assert that others in this organization feel as you do. This builds your ethos as a writer by asserting that you are one of many voters concerned about this issue. Use the last paragraph to offer final arguments as to the legal, moral or ethical necessity of the council taking the course of action you recommend.

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