What Is an Example of a Formal Complaint Letter?

A formal complaint letter is composed of an introduction, main body and close. The tone of the complaint letter is clear and concise. The letter includes all information related to the specific complaint, including dates, account number, product or service facts and a detailed explanation of the problem.

The following example contains all the critical elements of a formal complaint letter.

"Dear Name of Contact Person,

I am writing this letter to inform you about a recent incident that happened in your store. I dropped off my dry cleaning on April 17, and the clerk on duty promised to have my suits ready for pick up on April 20. I was given a ticket that indicated April 20 as the pick up date.

On April 20, I arrived at your store to pick up my suits. At that time, I was told that my suits were not ready. I showed the clerk my ticket, and the clerk acknowledged the April 20 date but told me that my suits would not be ready until the next day. Unfortunately, I needed the suits right away for a business trip.

Due to this error, I had to purchase a new suit. I am requesting a full refund for all cleaning costs related to this suit order. I have enclosed a copy of the dry cleaning ticket for your reference.